Keratoconus FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I become blind with keratoconus?
Keratoconus generally does not lead to complete blindness. This disease can degrade vision to a level where it becomes very difficult to lead a normal life.

As the disease progresses, situations such as corneal hydrops can occur (acute keratoconus) or intolerance to lenses that can lead to corneal transplantation.

Can keratoconus sufferers drive vehicles?
As long as the motorist can adhere to the requirements of current legislation, there are no impediments for driving.

Can early diagnosis of keratoconus change the progression of the disease?
Certainly. An early diagnosis means treatment can be administered quickly, minimizing damage to the eye. In these cases, corneal crosslinking should be evaluated to stabilize conditions and prevent further damage.

Is it true that cornea transplant solves keratoconus permanently?
Corneal transplantation is not a goal, but a negative consequence that we must ALWAYS try to avoid.