Why Should Keratoconus Be Diagnosed Early?

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Keratoconus more frequently affects young subjects, adolescents or children. By affecting people at a young age and therefore with a long life span the social impact of this disease is significant. Keratoconus greatly reduces the quality of life and has a terrible psychological effect on the patient. If I told you that you are suffering from a disease that can not be cured but can only get worse in time, how would you feel? We must also clarify the term “disabling”: I think for a young patient to begin a long series of visits, of glasses, of contact lenses that then are not a true therapy, a pilgrimage to various specialists that can go on for years until a corneal transplant, is debilitating because it conditions the quality of life for a number of and for too many years. — Visit www.keratoconuscenter.eu/keratoconus-lets-stop-it-now/ — @keratoconuscentereurope — #keratoconuscentereurope #keratoconus #disease #cornea #cornealdisease #iris #pupil #treatment #corneoplasticsurgery #surgery #intraconealprosthetics #prosthetics #italy #europe #eye

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