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The most advanced approach to the treatment of Keratoconus is based on modern therapeutic technologies that block and stabilize the disease so as to avoid recourse to the cornea transplant procedure. 1. Intracorneal Prosthetics – Keraring – Intrastromal Rings The Intrastromal Rings have the function of flattening the cornea and then reversing the corneal wear caused by the Keratoconus. 2. Simple Trans-epithelial Corneal Cross-linking or with Iontophoresis The chemical-physical treatment known as Simple Trans-epithelial Corneal Cross-linking or by Iontophoresis stimulates the renewal of the corneal cells (keratinocytes) which begin to produce healthy collagen. 3. Corneo-plastic Surgery Corneo-plastic surgery is a new term that includes a group of biomechanical and surgical techniques. They improve the corneal anatomy, making it more similar to its natural physiological state, in a non-invasive but rather conservative manner. It is a recently developed conservative corneal treatment characterized by low invasiveness and low risk, rapid patient recovery and it does not exclude other surgical or diagnostic procedures. — Visit www.keratoconuscenter.eu/diagnosis-and-treatment — @keratoconuscentereurope — #keratoconuscentereurope #keratoconus #europe #treatment #disease #intracornealprosthetics #keraring #intrastromalrings #iontophoresis #corneoplasticsurgery #surgery #cornea #eyes

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